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Post by ZachAddair on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:12 pm

Can these be posted to our website? We need to get people taking minutes at every meeting we have. Don't worry about spelling and grammar, right now we just need to worry about getting these up for everyone to read! They will get nicer as we go. Smile

Saturday 22nd 2011
Occupy Jax

-Group Talk Backs

Where are we meeting next week? Memorial park is not an option because of an even they already are having. The two current options are to meet back here at riverside park or at dog park where we met last week behind the library. Any other suggestions?

Why can't we picket at the FED?

That is going to happen during the week. Check the forums!

Wells Fargo has just put its name in bright yellow on top of the Independent Life Building.

What if we decide to go to the Town Center... Private Property!

This is just a point to get together and have a General Assembly.

I would like to propose Boone Park for alternate site.

We don't know where to go!

Someone suggests we stay here (I agree. We need to pick a place and stick with it)


We are saying we shouldn't be involved in Florida Georgia because it will be nothing but drunk people (everyone agrees).

AMY – March for today – Last week we voted to begin our day here and to end it at RAM. There has been a lot of concern. I would like to propose that we keep that route with the following things in mind: We end our march across the street, not chanting at our friends but disband from there to then rejoin our groups for our meetings scheduled in memorial park or those of us that can VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS and support our local RAM. These are the 99% and we if approach them with love and support, we will not be the disruption that people are afraid of.

Voting on the route: no blocks - CONSENSUS!

Media – V – I help run the media group. We have some events going on this week: We have an interview with Melissa Ross and the First Coast connect show. That will be Tuesday at 9am. We are trying to get work out about what OccupyJax is but we NEED you to participate. Call in and speak intelligently. Be a part of the convo!

ALSO, if you're on the Media group or want to be go to Memorial Park after the marsh (today) and look for the big green sign that says media!

Medical – Ethan – The medical team needs volunteers badly. If you're interested come and see Ethan or Nancy. Look for the red crosses on our bags.

Yoga/Meditation – We are people waking up. We know what we don't like and we harnessing and focusing our... What kind of world do you want to create? We will meet and we will set our intentions, our meditations and our prayers... If you want to join us, be there at 11. Tide into global mediation. We will hardness this energy that will and is changing the world!

Education: Sasha - I was in the education group and we did meet but for those that want to join us I would ask you to sign up with me. In particular we need someone to be a MOD or a leader of that group. That's 1, 2. I would like to get feedback or put a motion forward to vote on weather you want to continue with teach ins!

No blocks, we want it!

If you have suggestions about future teach-ins and people you would like to hear or if you would like to speak talk to me!

Solidarity – Right now the priority is to ensure that our movement is safe and welcoming, not matter what your backkground or communities you come from. Secondly, we need to find out how we can appeal to communities who aren't clustered with us facebook and forums. If you are interested in these projects, come speak to me.

Students Take Charge – We have a site up on facebook search: Students take charge. I've also left a message on the forum. I'm going to get in contact with Trizzle so he can set it up as a team. IF anyone wants to be a part of this group, he will be memorial park after the march.

Comfort – Avi – Thanks to everyone that donated! Anything we don't eat today will be going to the homeless shelter. So don't worry about bringing too much! Comfort meeting is on Monday. Contact Avi, Emily or can email us at

Compassion – Tiffany – This group mains focus will be to help with occupy movement moral. We are first and foremost here to serve as a shoulder to lean on. And as a source of support for those who need someone to listen to them. We are not trained therapists. We are not desperation meds. We are not diagnoses metal illness. We are not MD but we are hear to listen. I invite you to join if you are willing to listen and put on a smile on your fellow man's face. Come join me in Memorial Park after the march!

Vets – We tried to join a group last week and we got a couple names and emails and some of us showed up this Saturday! So after the march, I'll be over in memorial park looking for some more recruits and discussing how the group of Veterans can best associate with Occupy Jacksonville and tie our issues which is the War economy to Occupy Jacksonville issues. I hope that some of you that aren’t vets will join the discussions and I hope all of you who ARE vets will join in the discussion. And what I hope will come out of this is for each vet to leave this Saturday and bring another vet with you back next Saturday.

Culture – Friendofcash – Debbie - It's going to be anyone that has any talent or a pension for art. There is something for everybody in art. We have great ideas last Friday at Memorial park. We had 12 people. We have to participate in order for this to work. Anything you can think of that will bring peace to the fringes. Monday night minutes of the last weekend will be posted on the forums and on the site. Shank is heading up the musicians. Anybody that plays any instrument call her!

Quick announcements – Group Group – he is taking minutes (HI!) to keep up the transparency. If you need info find ZACH. Also the events group is headed up by Amy. If you have an idea for a weekday protest go to see Amy!

This is not a promotion, however, me and Strife will be preforming at burro bar at 9pm tonight. Any fliers or promo... holla at me!

Quick Admin – Here is what's coming next, we are going to hear new motions presented for the first time to the group, after which people can speak to the GA as part of the GA stack. If you have a new motion come get on my list. If you want to speak at the GA stack, get on my list. And now new motions.

Dylan – Mic check! - That we take a firm anti-war stance. I believe that we should end the wars and use that money to start a public works program. That focuses on green energy, sustainability and small business grants. Let's bring out money back home! I'd like to call a vote. All those for? LOTS Blocks? NONE! CONSENSUS!

Kate – Mic check! - Hi I’m Kate. I would like to propose forming a business group. The formation of this group as two purposes. The purpose of this group is to research and create a list of business that make everyday products but have contributed to our current problems. We can influence these business in a way they understand. We can choose not to support them with our hard earned money. The second purpose is to help the unemployed and underemployed get jobs by creating our own business. To create business that use open source tech. To create business that don't just pay minimum wage, but pay a living wage. To create new products that do not destroy our planet, but help to save it. To create sustainable and cooperative ways and better ways of doing business. If you have an idea for a product or service but don't know how to turn it into a business, come see me! If you are a small business councilor or a business owner who promotes good business practices and fair labor practices and would like to serve as a mentor, please see me. If you would like to help form a website that encourages people to create their own jobs, please see me. Let's create business that work for and support the 99%. If you are interested in join the business group, I will be at Memorial Park after the march

Don E. - On Tuesday the city council will meet to discuss giving JP MORGAN our money and FL state money to bring 250 jobs to an existing operation they already have. I propose that we protest this as Occupy Jax, if we do this we will meet at 4pm in front of City Hall on Tuesday. CONSENSUS!

Tiffany – At the end of November, my roommate and I, will be traveling to ATL to see a concert. We thought up an idea to visit OccupyATL it will be cold. They will have been camping for a while. We feel that it would be a great show of Solidarity if we started collecting donations of blankets, tarps and any other supplies and if we brought those donations to OccupyATL and we hand delivered those donations. If we start collecting now I think we can do it. I think it would be a great sign that we care about them... CONSENSUS!

Marcus – I propose that we get on our ? My profession is door knocking and reaching to communities. We need to organize our message and put it out to the community. If anyone is interested for outreach contact me. I love ya'll!

Robert – How is going? Not to beat a dead horse but I really seriously think that OccupyJax needs to petition that Jacksonville city council to rename confederate park.

James M – Hi! So I don't know if you guys know, but there is a movement within the Occupy movement... why do we have bank accounts with the people how are oppressing us. Withdraw your money and close your accounts! Find a credit union! NOV 5! The bank does not have our interests at heart. The credit union is made up of its members!

V – 300 copies of points of discussion for the OccupyJax adoption of OWS demands. Get a copy if you haven't got one from V. Review them... His motion is that we express our intent to vote next week on which portions of the Occupy Walls demands that we support. We want everyone to have time to read these suggestions and vote intelligently. All who approve the reading and deciding on this issue to make these our Declarations in next weeks GA raise your hand...

This doc is only a starting point for us to decide on what we want. NO BLOCKS

You can also add to it if you believe something isn't there that should be. Bring it next week!

This is going to take a little bit of time. You have to take time if you want to stand up for what you believe in. Final note, at the very bottom this doc are websites and URLs for the OccupyJax movement. Visit them and get involved!

I am proposing that we start a goals group. This group would come up and brain storm and think of ideas that as a group we can work toward bringing their ideas to the GA and see if they agree or want to change things about them.

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General Assembly Minutes: Empty Re: General Assembly Minutes:

Post by KelliKing on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:24 pm

Thank you for this. My husband worked until 2am and by the time I was able to get him up and out the door everyone was gone!

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