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GA Meeting Minutes from 29nov2011 Empty GA Meeting Minutes from 29nov2011

Post by guyfalks on Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:32 pm

These are unofficial and available for comment.

These are the meeting minutes from my notebook from the Sat Oct 29th meeting. I can't claim these as official record since I don't speak for the group, but since I helped facilitate the meeting, I can confidently say they are a very close depiction of the meeting.

Planned Agenda:
11am: Gather
12pm: People's Soap Box (Any topic, All Comers, 2 minutes)
1pm: Break for people to stretch their legs
2pm: General Assembly (GA)

GA Agenda
- Existing Team Reports
- Vote on pending motions
- New Motions
- GA Soapbox

Meeting minutes:

11am: The people gathered as planned.
A moment of silence was held for Scott Olson, a two tour Marine veteran who was injured participating in another Occupy event.
Location for next weeks meeting was announced.

Week 5 Meeting Location: Downtown at Hemming Plaza across from MOCA
When: Sat November 5, 2011
Where: Hemming Plaza @ 117 W. Duval St. Jacksonville, FL 32202
. Gathering starts around 11 AM. People's soapbox will start at noon and the agenda will follow past weeks.

Notes: Riverside park is not an option as a meeting place next week due to "Veggie Fest" which OccupyJAX does not want to disrupt, so we are changing locations. We plan to meet at our normal time next Sat. The general consensus seems to be that the group knows that consistent meeting places is a challenge, and is why we are actively seeking a full-time location to occupy. Anyone with private land near downtown Jacksonville is encouraged to make contact.

Everyone who signed up got their two minutes on the Peoples Soapbox. The speakers were:
Sean E.
John H.
Jeff N
Randy C.
Rob C.
David P.
Donna D.
Evey kindly jumped in for an administration issue- at this point a vote was taken, and the conclusion was to continue the stack until everyone spoke, take a walk to stretch our legs, and hold GA shortly thereafter. A 2PM cut off was set. The people's soapbox continued with the following speakers.
Tim B.
Tommy V.
Aleta, Yaya, and Justice (2 mins total)
John T.
The stack was completed before the appointed cut-off time.

A walk of peaceful people was held that ran behind 5 points, into Memorial Park, and then returned to Riverside Park.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) did a great job protecting the public safety of all Jacksonville citizens, whether they were involved with, or bystanders of, the OccupyJAX gatherings. I did not see or hear of any issues, accidents, or arrests. It is my personal opinion that the general consensus of the group is that the officers of Jacksonville's police organization have been AWESOME and extremely professional.

On a personal note, I hope we can always agree not to interfere with anyone reasonably and peacefully exercising their 1st amendment rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, and that we can all work together to make sure that scene like what happened in Oakland never take place on the streets of Jacksonville. The group is very committed to keep the peace, will always have lines of communication open, and sends JSO our love and respect!

A break of approx. 10 minutes was enjoyed before General Assembly (GA) was held.

General Assembly (GA) started at approx 2:30pm using the agenda listed above:

Existing Team Reports:
More teams exist than this, but teams reports with pressing news were made from :
Event Planning
Vote on Pending Motions:
There was 1 pending motion from last week.
The pending item was a vote on the "Declaration of the 99%" which was published online rbpSNU, and appox. 300 printed copies were distributed at the OccupyJAX Week 3 meeting on Oct. 22, 2011 at Riverside Park. There was a lot of online chatter regarding this document online during the week and it was voted that the group would vote on whether to use the pending document, or throw it out, and "start from scratch" using something else to be named at a future date.

It was decided that two speakers would alternate between the "keep" and "take more time" positions to ensure balance. The speakers were- Bill (keep), Sophia (more time), V aka. Guy Falks (keep), James (more time). A vote was held and my unofficial estimate is that the option to Take More Time passed by roughly a 2/3 to 1/3 majority. To the best of my knowledge an official vote count wasn't taken, but the result of the vote was undisputed.
New Motions/ GA Soapbox:
Let me state from the outset that the new motions, and the GA soapbox got somewhat intermingled. It is this author's personal opinion that the group is learning as they go, and need to improve on their points of order, but this is a new movement that gets better each week. IMHO new motions need to be clearly defined, actionable, and available for review. The consensus from last week was that new motions need at least 1 week for review, and would be voted on at the GA following the week a new item is proposed to allow for review and additional input.

Speakers for the new motions and GA soapbox were (and the order is approximate):
Christine Z.
Solidarity support was sent from other OccupyWall Street (OWS) movements were shared from other groups including, but not limited to, OccupyOrlando.

"V" (aka Guy Falks) did his best to summarize the actionable proposals that were made during New Motions/ GA Soapbox. After input from all GA attendees, the conclusion was that there are 5 motions pending for the next meeting.

The unofficial list of new motions pending a vote on November 5 are (in no particular order):
Vote on Taylor's motion to occupy a space immediately
Vote on Tiffany's proposal to have mid-week demonstration activity until a full-time occupation is established.
Vote on Zach's mission statement for OccupyJAX
Vote on YaYa's proposal to have members of OccupyJAX volunteer to speak at local schools
Vote on Sophia's proposal for a mid-week GA to be held at some location yet to be determined.
The GA meeting was concluded at approx 4pm. This is the end of the unofficial meeting minutes. Minutes will be posted for public comment and official minutes will be published at some time in the near future.

COME GET INVOLVED. If you want to learn about, don't understand, or don't know where you stand regarding the the OccupyJAX or Occupy Wall Street movement, there is a 99% chance you agree with a good portion of what the group is trying to do. Educate yourself by coming to the next meeting which will be held November 5th in Hemming Plaza starting at noon. You can find more information online 24/7 at, find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @OccupyJAX.

Author's Comments: These minutes are unofficial and were compiled based on handwritten notes taken in the midst of facilitating and participating in a public meeting unfolding in real time. If you think it's easy - it's not. Guy Falks heads the Media Team for OccupyJAX, and can be reached at, or I am very well aware that the historical figure of the Powder-keg Revolution is spelled Guy Fawkes, but I am intentionally being unconventional.


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