Talking points and tips for speaking at city council meeting " JPMOrgan"

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Talking points and tips for speaking at city council meeting " JPMOrgan"

Post by Dionnareilly on Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:07 am

Each person has 3 minutes to speak.
Remember to stay on point.
try not to raise your voice or drop the f- bomb, lol
JPMorgan Chase & Co. received $ 25 Billion in TARP monies from the Federal government which they did repay with interested in June of 2009. They have continued to post incredible profits of $ 10billion paid out to their investment bankers in January 2011 for their 2010 bonuses.
Their profits allowed to pay out $10 billion in bonuses this past January and they can't afford to pay there way to Jacksonville where they already have offices?
This is a prime example of corporate welfare.
The city of Jacksonville had to close a deficit of $60 million last month to produce a balanced budget and yet we have money to give to JPMorgan Chase & CO?
JPMorgan Chase & Co claim to be a stable bank yet they have $79 Trillion in dervitives and 99% is backed up depositor money.
Instead of buying jobs from JPMorgan we should use that money to help small business that are already here or help the people of Jacksonville start there own small business.
Another brief point is JPMorgan wants to expand there southside location not move downtown aren't we trying to attract more business to the downtown area?


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