General Assembly Meetings

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General Assembly Meetings

Post by ZachAddair on Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:29 am

Hey everyone. I'm not sure on everyone's schedules, but we should start planning more GA meetings during the week. We can have some protests during the week as well, but I'd like us to start working up to having a GA meeting at least every day. No, we can't all be to every single one, but at least someone will be moving processes forward every day of the week and of course we need to start taking Minutes at meetings so people can read and keep track of what's going on and possibly filming every meeting as we go forward.

Again, protests are good to get the word out and gain attention, but they are not the core of the movement. The core of this movement is Democracy and shared consensus. We must come together to see what we can do in Jacksonville to change things and what we can do to connect us to the bigger groups and movements across the country and eventually the world.

Please contact me if you'd like to start talking logistics and/or post your ideas on here or on the Facebook. We should also work at getting a group Google + and we could put a group together to help run that as well.


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