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Post by Nanook on Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:24 pm

In 1964, two Eagle Scouts were selected for the 1965 North Pole expedition. I was one of them. We were promised a Lewis and Clark-type ‘Journey of Discovery’ across the Northwest Passage. A journey of discovery it was, but NOT the promised one of progress and wonder. Our expedition was a journey into a world of lies, and government and academic incompetence.

After graduating from M.I.T. and for the next 40 years, I became a "high tech migrant worker", following jobs developing weapons, nuclear power plants, fusion power, instruments, robots, computers and medical instruments. From all that experience, one observation stands out. In EVERY situation, just a few people at the TOP of the companies controlled every decision. Their primary goal was personal wealth, power and protecting their own position. Discovery after discovery that could have moved society drastically forward was squashed unless it could bring guaranteed quick money to those at the top.  Potential big jumps forward for society were minimized by dividing the progress into small steps that could milk the public over and over again. Industry, the military, academia and government were party to this process. That's why, for example, almost every year, people are FORCED into buying new computers and software. They're forced because the system makes previous models obsolete and unusable. Even the smallest items, like light bulbs, are purposely designed to burn out earlier than known technology would permit. 

The Occupy movement is amazing. Just read a few intros and posts. Our country and our world is COVERED with people who have endless energy, creativity, compassion and ABILITY, as well as a willingness, to use these traits to help others. YET! the world is in the mess. Why? Because the people who have grabbed power are preventing the rest from fixing things. Not only are the 1% hoarding all the money, they are BLOCKING society from solving world problems so they can maintain control and continue to build wealth.

NOW, a new age has dawned! We have a chance to change this. Let's not miss this opportunity.

To address world problems, I started the A3 Society ( http://A3society.org ). The website discusses breakthrough ideas that can help solve many of the BIG problems we face. I recently committed my support to help the Occupy movement by providing ideas to the NYC group. I'm eager to support the Jacksonville effort as well.

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Post by KelliKing on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:52 pm


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