I'm Guy Falks, and I'm a social media organizer

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I'm Guy Falks, and I'm a social media organizer

Post by guyfalks on Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:44 pm

Saturday was a great start. Yes, I know it's supposed to be spelled Fawkes, but Facebook prevented me from creating an account under that name. I think the forum is good, but I recommend that if we want to spread the movement, we need to meet people where they already are. I'm happy to help facilitate communication if needed. You can friend me as Guy Falks on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/@WeOccupyJax. My email address is we.occupyjax@gmail.com. I just created all of these ID's today because I'm in this movement for the long haul. I'm using an anonymous ID because I run a business which has clients here in Jacksonville that don't understand our cause. I will educate them over time, but can lend more resources and credibility towards OccupyJAX's goals this way, without jeopardizing the livelihood that gives me the time and ability to participate. The corruption on Wall St. and Washington affect me too, and I'm proud to be associated with this group. The People Are The Power!


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