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The problem in my eyes Empty The problem in my eyes

Post by Toaster on Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:25 am

i see alot of debating going on about what we advocate, what we should advocate, and what people think we advocate

obviously the core of this movement is about the 400 or so billionaires who basically run our country and our lives without most people even knowing it, the bribing of politicians and direct control of our elected officials and government, the price manipulation of resources (I.E. goldman sachs buying up 900 million barrels of oil and holding it to raise gas prices, then selling for profit) and the reckless abandon they use when toying with our economic system

they say we are socialists and we are trying to bring down capitalism, well in a fair capitalist system, you make a good product, or you provide the best service, you make profit, your company grows. But if you fuck up, your company dies and goes bankrupt
well when these banks fucked up, they should have been left to die, but instead they get bailed out with hundreds of billions of dollars that they used to give million dollar bonuses to execs. but no one else gets bailed out, no one else gets that special treatment, and there in lies the problem.

but ever since the start of this movement it has become about so much more
its become about the unemployment epidemic, the 40 million uninsured americans, the government corruption and the havoc that has been unleashed upon our precious biosphere due to corporate and federal negligence.

we are at the tipping point right now whether people acknowledge it or not, we are wasting too much time and energy on 20th century policies and views and it will be the death of us if we ignore these issues, and it will hit us before we even know whats happening.

right now we have indisputable proof that we are warming the planet, that every major ice sheet on earth is disappearing at rates unseen for thousands of years. that we are entering a global famine and a fresh water crisis, that global oil production peaked years ago and that we are on the downslope, yet we continue to ignore alternative energy methods and waste our time water fracking for oil, all the while destroying aquifers and poisoning our soil
and making it all worse the population of the planet is ever rising, now at 7 billion and counting, with no population control measures
AND WE HAVE KNOWN ALL THIS WAS COMING, AND WE KNOW ITS HAPPENING! we are doing nothing to stop it and people have been allowed to deny these things are happening, even with cold hard evidence
conservative republicans have been blatantly denying scientific fact OPENLY! and the Dems just accept it and roll over
how this kind of pervasive ignorance has been allowed to exist is just beyond reason.

but the point is its time to start fixing the problems. people are waking up, we have a golden opprotunity, if we dont start now our planet will be irreparably damaged, and resource wars will become commonplace, there will be famine, there will be epidemics
and the worst part is that it is all for the most part avoidable
we are so intelligent, we have so much potential...and we have the technology today to address almost all of these issues.
but until the current regime of deaf, blind, shortsighted fools is removed, there will be no change, there will be no solutions

If we keep focusing on just the problems of single nations, instead of all of mankind, then the outlook for future is bleak. The problems we face are no longer just local issues, they are global issues. if we dont start acting now our great grandchildren will be lucky to live to 30
so why settle for trying to fix the U.S? we have movements in countries all over the world, now is the time to act for the betterment of all mankind

....just some thoughts that ive been thinking

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The problem in my eyes Empty Re: The problem in my eyes

Post by newmoonlullaby on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:11 am

I admire your enthusiasm and in many ways, I'm right there with you. But I think that with any major project, we must start small and build up from there. The other nations that have taken part in protests and the active restructuring of their governments did just that: they focused on their governments. You must start at home and correct the problems within your own nation if you endeavor to help others.


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The problem in my eyes Empty Re: The problem in my eyes

Post by nownow on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:48 pm

Reforms are lead by those who seek to replace power. Revolution is lead by those who wish to destroy it. My personal feeling is that we need to focus on building autonomous communities that are able to sustain and defend themselves from attacks from the state. This way agribusiness will stop its production of diluted foods and stop poisoning our oceans and rivers with run off saturated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The consumption of oil will be nil because everything you need is right there in the community. Corporations won't be able to exploit us any longer because we don't have to sell our labor, instead we are investing our time in sustaining our communities. Banks would be irrelevant because money would either be kept within the community or just non-existent, I prefer non-existent. This kind of work is going on right now and is growing bigger and bigger. Why is everybody so worried about going back to work, finding a new job? Why not invest that time experimenting with permaculture, free schools, food-not-bombs, and (this one usually freaks people out) talking to our neighbors? Just some thoughts.


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The problem in my eyes Empty Re: The problem in my eyes

Post by Squeoo on Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:10 pm

This thread has my heart fully. I want to see something like the venus project. Less fancy showy buildings is fine by me, but the overall ideas of the project. The ages of man are interesting, if anyone has time to read them, almost as if a history for us, a history easily restored. Instead of progessing lower in chain as we always have, let us start anew and change the course of our world. You feel a change coming, we all do. Let us bring together our minds and bodies and ensure an auspicious future together.

Occupy together, we were meant to be together from the start.


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The problem in my eyes Empty Re: The problem in my eyes

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