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proposed guidelines and new groups Empty proposed guidelines and new groups

Post by Squeoo on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:38 pm

These are not insulting nor claiming said things have happened, but responsive to rumors and the potential of it one day happening. If you pre-address a concern it need not be one anymore.

1) We will never refuse food to camp members.

2)"Direct action" by one or more members will never represent the name "Occupy Jacksonville" without prior consent from a General Assembly. (Wednesday / Saturday)

3) "Direct Action" is fine as yourself, a private entity as long as we are not liable for your actions.

4) Work group binders are to be implemented, and work groups are to are to meet at the occupation site, unless previously discussed and voted on by a General Assembly. If it is not at the camp site, an ambassador should afterward come and "Clue in" everybody at camp to changes/progress (and record it in the binder).

5) A local action proposal box is to be implemented, allowing us to be put immediate support on issues locally. Only through putting energy towards issues will we gain more people and influence at this point.

6) A pre-plan binder is to be formed, to coordinate our "Occupation" times. We will use initials to mark times we plan to be here if possible, to protect number integrity at the site.

7) Internet Ambassadors are necessary for keeping the Occupiers' minds fed with current issues and things we should support/protest. If you cannot devote your time to being here, maybe check out the Internet group. We have things we need done if you can help.

Cool All finances/donations must be recorded and tracked. A binder will be establish recording all to-date donations. Names are not necessary if anonymity is preferred.

9) Thoughtfulness : Introduce people and invite them into your conversation, or tell them why you would rather it be private. It keeps the illusion of hostility from sprouting.

10) We request that you spend at least two 12 hour shifts if you can. Graveyard shifts (9 PM to 9 AM) are extremely important at this early stage. If everyone put two 12 hour shifts, we would permanently have coverage. And some people like myself intend to be here longer than that anyways.

11) Changes in work group policies need not be approved by the GA, as long as it is a change in the process, not the content. Off-site meetings should be, however, proposed to the General Assembly.

12) Breaks are important, please take them. Smoke in the smoking areas and converse anywhere away from work groups.

13) Nobody is to be removed from the camp by one person. For the sake of safety, fairness, and integrity of the many it must be a group.

14) Bihourly head count to keep track of when we have the most support / plan meal times in advance.

Group Suggestions:

Internet Group - This is a group especially for people who can't devote as much time to being at the Occupation Site. They would be in charge of such things as:

- Researching issues and current things we should put our support behind / protest against.
- Online Petitions
- Emailing Congressman / Leaders
- Website Management
- Livestream and Occupy Jacksonville Advertisement
- Ambassadors to come to camp for 1 hour 1 day a week and give a teach in on issues we should support/protest.
- Create polls for public opinion on social networks etc.

Organization - Keepers of the newly implemented binder/work group/donation station. To head over such things as :

- Track food/monetary donations.
- Check proposal box
- Start proposal topic sheets, to give people sign-up sheets for finding what.
- Record General Assemblies / type to livestream
- Work with the "Internet" group to get facts on issues we have proposal sheets for.
- Relay donation "Requests" to livestream.
-Bi Hourly head counts to keep an idea of how many people (for meals etc).

Parliamentarian / Conflict Resolution - Calm, level headed peacekeepers.

-Keep General Assembly Stack.
-Maintain Off topic notions, keep order of Point of informations.
-On site Conflict Resolution
-Count Votes
-Liaison with Police


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proposed guidelines and new groups Empty Re: proposed guidelines and new groups

Post by Geno on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:43 pm

Great work! I like it!


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proposed guidelines and new groups Empty Re: proposed guidelines and new groups

Post by TheGeo35 on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:34 am

A lot of good ideas, we really need to take this to a vote, if anything to work out the existing issues we are having.

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proposed guidelines and new groups Empty Re: proposed guidelines and new groups

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