Dylan Ratigan & MSNBC: What Every American Needs to Know

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Dylan Ratigan & MSNBC: What Every American Needs to Know Empty Dylan Ratigan & MSNBC: What Every American Needs to Know

Post by ironboltbruce on Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:51 pm

Dylan Ratigan works for MSNBC. MSNBC is part of NBC Universal. NBC Universal is owned 51% by Comcast and 49% by General Electric ("GE"):


Comcast paid politicians to pressure the FCC to OK the NBC-Universal merger, which created a media monopoly. They want to control who can broadcast what and where, which determines what you get in terms of entertainment and information:


GE is one of the world's biggest war profiteers and worst polluters. They also sold the nuclear reactors that failed at Fukushima. They want to control the news you watch, especially as it relates to their enterprises, earnings and image:


Dylan Ratigan does his bosses' bidding on his TV shows, and here's how it works: Either he or his "panel" almost always start out saying what we want to hear, then end up telling us what to think. It's subtle. It's psyops...




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