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Education group action ideas Empty Education group action ideas

Post by Nanook on Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:13 pm

I volunteered to get involved and help the group. Education and Empowerment covers a lot of territory. So, my first goal is to reach out to members for additional help. Anyone reading this who wants to work with the group, please contact me: .

When you write, please let me know what your interests are. I've listed a few possible choices. Reply about as many as you want. Feel free to add anything you want as well:

1. Take a class ( about what? )
2. Teach a class ( about what? )
3. Lead a public or private forum ( about what? )
4. Help create or gather information for a data base of Occupy information.
5. Help build a website to collect, organize and post information.
6. Help create an information display table for Occupy events.
7. Help select articles and news posts for the existing Occupy Jax websites.
8. Any other ideas or approaches you have.


(If you were at this weekend's event, I was the person who talked about new ways to think about democracy and voting. I appreciate the warm support you gave me.)

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