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Post by brit0310 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:02 pm

I received the following information from a friend who's husband is a lawyer who knows 501c procedures. He is not in Florida, so he can't directly help us. Here are her words.

You MAY NOT become a 501c3 if you intend to influence legislation. It is very specifically written that you are not allowed to do this. You may, however, form a 501c4, which does allow for monies to be spent on influencing gov't. Donations made to 501c4 are not tax deductable. A 527 type corp is designed specifically to get someone elected (that's why you'll see "This message brought to you by X" on the tail end of candidates' commercials). At any rate, in order to form any corporation, you'll need a registered agent, which is the person willing to receive all the mail, including service of process - when Jacksonville sues you for rowdiness or whatever. You'll need a board of directors too. My hubby can't form your corporation because we're in WA and you're in FL. It should be fairly cheap to file ($50?) and is different by state. You'll probably be able to find a lawyer who will do this pro bono - really, it'll only take him an hour max. Look for a corporate and/or business lawyer. You don't want a criminal defense lawyer, for example.


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