Drumcircle @ GA Note from Steve

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Drumcircle @ GA Note from Steve

Post by DuenDeSoul on Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:28 pm

Members of the Team and OC/JAX - I am honored to help add some energy to these events and have every intention of sharing a component of spirit energy to the collective, as a strengthening activity. This particular Jacksonville Drumcircle, has long been used to resonate the "model" of collective energy and wisdom thru inclusion, participation, tolerance and tapping your own rhythm potentials.
I am bringing drums to this event, along with drumming community members, for the purpose of adding musical atmosphere, rhythmic energy and most importantly to reinforce the model of unity that exists here within this most powerful movement. It is the way I add my voice.

So that everyone knows, an intent exists to drum only during the gathering hour 11 am til 12 noon. Drumcircle essentially disbands then, to avoid interfering with the rally/speaking parts of the gathering . Participation is encouraged as it is my way to bring extra percussion instruments ....AND you are certainly invited to bring your own!

During the March? Drummers and volunteer (drummers) will be invited to carry and play whatever instruments are available during the march @ 1 pm.

FYI and an OPEN INVITE to my OC/JAXFamily- I help produce small community fed events and or am involved in performances that involve world music, chanting and drumcircles. Please approach me at GA if you would like to know more or email me direct to drumjamm@yahoo.com and I will place your email on a list for community events. (not a commercial endeavor)

EXAMPLE - A rather entertaining and empowering event is being planned by the OC/JAX Meditation Team" and myself, to bring about an experience you may not want to miss!
11/11/11 Idea is fast becoming reality. We will be making announcements @ Saturday the 29th GA and describe intent and activities which will take place on Friday the 11th. Partnering with "evo gal" and Shri Devi...we are excited to share this dimension with all the group very soon! We will follow these posts and also on Saturday with some explanations of the significance of this date . For those interested (cut and past this link) http://www.in5d.com/all-about-1111.html

Steve Alvarado


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