OCT 22 - Riverside

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OCT 22 - Riverside Empty OCT 22 - Riverside

Post by jamesmx on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:19 am

She did a great job speaking today. I have posted this one first because this one stuck out.
Love the passion! By the way, does anyone know who this is?

"An advocate of the poor protesting poverty. Proposes overwhelming corporate greed with radical generosity."

"No women or single mothers in Congress."

"Discusses local politics. Please call your city councilman on Monday, Oct. 24th"

"Talks briefly about his previous experience with election support and going
door to door. Supports the current mayor of the city, and suggests doing the same
(informing the public) to pass good policy for the people."

"Discusses a strategy to take action. Please make a daily commitment to call your
representatives by utilizing the contact information posted in the forum @ http://occupyjax.forumotion.com/"

"A gentleman has brought signs to express his idea, and adds a new twist to an old saying."

"Woman proposes alternative use of American currency."

Discuss issues about Florida's education system. Facebook - "Students Take Charge".

"Proposal for marijuana reform. Students caught with marijuana are no longer
eligible for Federal Student Aid (FSA)."

"Discusses issues pertaining to Occupy. Wishes not to become an angry mob.
Realizing there is a problem with the regulations of the economy.
Democrats and Republicans playing musical chairs.
(both get in the way of each other)"


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OCT 22 - Riverside Empty Re: OCT 22 - Riverside

Post by Kennie on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:16 am

Excellent Posting! Thanks for your work on the video's!

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