My Proposal for a Goals Group (Better name anyone?)

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My Proposal for a Goals Group (Better name anyone?)

Post by ZachAddair on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:11 am

Basically how I envision the Goal Group is a group that helps keep the group focused on what it really wants to do. Please view my example and first draft of the Goals of Occupy Jacksonville bellow. Think of the 4 "Goals" as broad wants and desires of the group. The bullets under the Goals are direct action that can be taken by any of the 99% or a group that can be formed to take action.

NOTE: Direct Action can be direct action in our community or government; or a group taking direct action to move something forward within our group or on a bit of policy, etc...

Current List of Goals

1. Improving our groups STRUCTURE and ORGANIZATION
- Finishing the website
- Defining Groups/Teams: each of them finding their place
in the movement as a whole
2. Connecting with Occupy Wall Street and finding our ""PLACEā€
in the National and Global Movement
- Create a Group who's job it is to keep contact flowing TO and
FROM Occupy Wall Street (keeping up with their policy and
us letting them know what we are up to
- Creating an official document/letter that states our solidarity
with Occupy Wall Street and the global movement and stating
which, if any, documents we agree with of their's
3. Finding A place in our LOCAL community
- Having a large pressence in local government and policy
- Where can we provide services or assistance
to the community?
4. Constant growth of knowledge with in and out side of the movement
- A large focus on spreading the General Assembly process
and the process of direct democracy used widely in this movement
- Raising the general knowledge of people about
our world's current situation
- Raising the general knowledge of people about how our government

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Re: My Proposal for a Goals Group (Better name anyone?)

Post by JamesM on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:31 pm

I see absolutely nothing objectionable in this. I also don't have anything to add at the moment. Seems like a good goal list to me.


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