Just how deep down the rabbit hole are you?

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Just how deep down the rabbit hole are you?

Post by teckniec on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:41 am

I just have to wonder, how many of you are aware all roads lead to the Vatican? How many of you read the peace tready of paris, signed esquire, how many of you know that these very protests and fall of government has been predicted? Its really simple if you just follow the money but most people only follow the money that's not in their pockets. I see these events unfolding and I was told this would happen and what comes next and I said no way, but it seems to be coming true. I am not saying I am smarter, I know more, or I am above anyone. I am not looking down on anyone but just curious if any of you have been down the rabbit hole. Its bigger then corporations and the 1%, far bigger. If there is one person.....just one who knows the difference between the US and USA I'll be happy. I have spent many hours reading history from the time of occurrence and boy oh boy were they lying to me in school. I could fill a book with the fraud we have been fed but I rather see if anyone else on this site even knows what I am talking about. Peace unto brahman.


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