Step 1: Get People Involved

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Step 1: Get People Involved Empty Step 1: Get People Involved

Post by Mike S on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:00 pm

Most of the little people like you and I have abdicated their power and
abandoned their responsibility to stay educated and be active to preserve their
personal liberty and safeguard the defenseless.

200 years ago we didn't have television and iphones to distract us, and there
weren't corporate media giants engaged in misinformation campaigns to keep the
truth from us.

In my opinion, we need to work on the engine of change. We need to raise
awareness in the common people and get them to take action. Not just on election day, but with letters and petitions to their elected officials. Politicians
need to be put on notice that the people are paying attention. Politicians need
to know that they will be voted out of a job if they don't represent us.

We need to make our voices louder than the voice of the monied lobbies.

Occupy Wall Street and it's fellow movements are challenged by the establishment
media's attitude that they can safely ignore and misrepresent these grassroots groups. More than anything else the Occupy groups need to rise to that challenge by hanging in there until their message is heard!

The conservatives leapt to power by co-opting the Christian community. They
turned pulpits into political theatre and overnight gained the credibility of
Jesus Christ in the minds of millions. It was a brilliant tactical move. It's
too bad they are using it to forward their agenda of oppression and destruction.

We, the "other grassroots", don't tend to gather in churches and blindly accept
whatever's fed to us. I guess that puts us at a disadvantage in terms of
numbers. We have to make up for that with enthusiasm and action!

We're "preaching to the choir" here, really. We need to get out in the world
and talk to people. We need to turn the undecided into believers, and get the
believers into action.

Get some friends and show up for an Occupy rally. There is a lot of work that
really needs to be done and discussion groups like this are only one part of

Mike S

Mike S

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Step 1: Get People Involved Empty Re: Step 1: Get People Involved

Post by ZachAddair on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:16 pm

AGREED! I'm spreading the word as much as I can on twitter and facebook every day. We need to plan local Solidarity meetings that people who have no idea what we are about feel comfortable to come too!

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Step 1: Get People Involved Empty Re: Step 1: Get People Involved

Post by Shank on Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:30 am

they also ruined the credibility of Jesus Christ to millions.

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Step 1: Get People Involved Empty Re: Step 1: Get People Involved

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