Let's join the world and schedule an 11-11-11 meditation/celebration event

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Let's join the world and schedule an 11-11-11 meditation/celebration event

Post by evolutiongal on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:25 pm

Here’s an idea I posted on our meditation group facebook page and received good feedback. The art and meditation teams would be working closely together to pull this off. I'll be joining you Friday to see if others are interested in creating such an event. I'm very new to social media (my first time to participate in a forum), so all I know I can do at this stage is share the vision and see what happens. Smile

Recognizing 11-11-11 as a very significant date with huge energetic potentials, events and meditations planned all over the world, the meditation team of Occupy Jax wants to join in with a similar event. I envision us inviting our Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhists, Pagan, New Age, Jewish, Spiritual tribes (have I left anyone out?), to come together as one family and offer our prayers, silent or guided meditations, our om's, or however we voice/connect to the Source that unites us all, and focus our intentions on world peace, unity and global transformation. Structured much like our GA, where every voice is heard, we assemble, not to proselytize, but to contribute the uniqueness of each tradition and blend together with the rest of the world our common hope and dreams for a peaceful, loving and abundant world for all. Love unites us and inviting all to join in this avalanche of global awakening only brings this reality that much closer to manifestation.

I envision us creating a sacred circle. Depending on the number of people we may have circles within circles and in the center an altar of intention. People could bring sacred symbols, objects, flowers, candles, whatever has spiritual meaning to the individuals. This would be a visual representation of our diversity within our unified circle of oneness. There would also be a basket or bowl or something to collect people’s written intentions or dreams for the world. These would be their visions of what heaven on earth would look like. We would begin at 11:00 am and run like the GA’s where people would stand in the center of the circle and offer their prayers, guided meditations, ohm’s what ever and towards the end of that hour we would sit in silence.

Throughout the day people could come and go as they please, and bring their written intentions and leave at the altar. This space would be available for positive expression of all types, music, poetry, art, sharing our dreams for an awakened humanity living in peace and harmony with abundance for all. In the evening we end with a unified community celebration, with food, a drum circle and dance. If this is not feasible on Friday night, we could have our celebration the next day and read the written intentions at the GA.

Besides our contribution in meditation for Occupy Jax, I believe scheduling this event will expand our circle even more into the community and help solidify our desire for this movement to be grounded in peace and love.


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