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Library Team?  Empty Library Team?

Post by Dinahmoe on Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:12 pm

There was a lady who spoke and said she wanted suggestions for books and media people should absorb, but I don't see any space for her here? I guess a subset of education here is the best place?

Most of our current problems can be traced back to the Nixon administration. I only read technical stuff, so I get a lot of info from TED's and movies. Below are a list of some really good documentaries on problems that arose from government programs.
The war on drugs – Hoffman’s potion
The war on youth – The US vs John Lennon
The war on sex – Inside deep throat
The war on health care (hmo’s) – Sicko
The war on energy – Who Killed the electric car
The war on truth – Sir no Sir
The war on us - Capitalism: A Love Story
The war on aids? – there was a request in congress during Nixon, for funding of a biological weapon that targeted a single race of people. Most of the details have been hidden, but it did happen, some think it was secretly approved and the result was aids?
The war on edumacation – I got no proof of this one, but I’ll bet he is in some way responsible. They know stupid scared people are easy to govern. Mike Judge’s film Idiocrasy is a must see on this topic, and you need to watch it at least twice. Fox really didn't want to release it.
War on fat – this one is new, but the farm program that caused the root problem was again under Nixon. King Corn is the doc, – but it was funded by conagra, hardly hard hitting, but some very interesting info.
War on science – Don't know if anyone has done this one yet.
I have many more I haven't watched yet. Enron, WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price, No End in Sight, come to mind.

Michael Moore did a TV series called The Awful Truth, had some very good pieces. The Penn & Teller series Bullshit, also has some great pieces, it starts to go stale around season 4, but good stuff. The Smothers Brothers is a really good archive of the late 60's and what the country was going through.


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Library Team?  Empty Re: Library Team?

Post by TheMightyLunchbox on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:54 pm

I also need to find her. I've been looking all over the forums. She requested first aid material for the library, and I need to get with her about that. I also wanted to donate a few books, but a few of them might be considered radical, so I need to approve them with her. I think her name was Sarah. I don't know anything else. If you're out there, Sarah, get with us.


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Library Team?  Empty Re: Library Team?

Post by Aeropsia on Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:16 pm

Sarah is the one organizing the library. I will message her on FB and ask her to check out the forum.


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Library Team?  Empty Re: Library Team?

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