You can call me Ray....

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You can call me Ray....

Post by Dinahmoe on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:22 pm

Or Dinahmoe, DMH or whatever. The nickname refers to this, from my mentor. That may be considered offensive, but I believe humor does belong in music! They are playing it faster than the original version. He makes me happy, I really miss him!

Ok, I've lived here for 32 years and as the years pass, I find myself hating this town more and more. I'm from a small town 20 miles from NYC, 40 miles from Woodstock. I am a master mechanic, body collision and paint tech. I was also a union stage hand here through the 80's. I was fired from my job at a dealership for falling off a machine, I was denied treatment, I spent 6 years fighting the system. I won the war, but lost the battle, I'm on disability now, I have spare time, but am not very productive. I am going to address some things in the suggestions thread later.

I've been with computers since the days of compuserve on a color computer, actually before that, but I didn't have my own sweet heathkit home built. I still have a brand new "hard drive" for a color computer 5 1/4 floppy! I also have a magnavox odyssey! I've had broadband since the 90's. I was volunteering, doing the computer work at the hospice thrift store on beach since early 2000's. I am now volunteering at the library teaching computer skills and repairing computers. I see first hand how dismal it is out there, and there are many that have no computer skills whatsoever! I hail from the early days of Fark, we broke off from them and formed our own group that really rocked till some republicans ruined it all for us.

Having been through all this in the 60's, I don't have much optimism for this movement, but really wish it to succeed. Largely it is my generation that fucked this all up for the world, not just the country, we ruined the world. I have resources that could be of some use to the cause and general populace.

In closing, I know a lot of you are young, and missed out on the great protest songs of our day, check these out. Some of these are low bit rate from the dial up days, I got the good stuff if you want it!
Woodies kid!
He once ran for VP
From Lil Abner 1956, so this movement ain't new.
Phil Ochs
Neil and Graham 1972
Tom Robinson


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Re: You can call me Ray....

Post by Geno on Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:13 am

Good to have ya on board Ray! You've been most helpful in a lot of different areas. One plus note is that this generation has technology and communication at it's disposal. As long as we can keep those privileges, then I believe we stand a fighting chance.

Thanks again for all your help! Very Happy


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