an old enemy rears his ugly head.

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an old enemy rears his ugly head.

Post by Shank on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:21 am

didn't know if this was just for news and videos about our own movement our if we could post stuff to educate others about whats going on in the world.

here's something to get you fired up. feel free to visit my site. feel free to share any of the info you find there in any way you want. it has a lot of news the mainstream media refuses to cover.

and im not spamming it for personal gain, as i get nothing out of the site other than the pleasure of sharing information with others..rare occasions occur when my stories are picked up by other sites but yea...

if you guys wanna see some of the wickedness going on in the world i got a wide varity of info about it on my site.

you can also submit stories to my site as well. stuff you think is too much for the occupy jax site or something. feel free to post it to mine. knowledge is power. knowledge practiced results in wisdom. be informed of the issues!!!

even most who think they know..have no idea. you gotta dig deep to find the truth. and that is what i do daily.

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