New Post: "Defining "Wall Street" for Wall St. & Politicians"

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New Post: "Defining "Wall Street" for Wall St. & Politicians" Empty New Post: "Defining "Wall Street" for Wall St. & Politicians"

Post by guyfalks on Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:13 pm

Defining “Wall Street” for Wall St. & Politicians
By: Guy Falks
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October 12, 2011 Jacksonville, FL: The perceived injustice of the financial bailout of TARP is one of the catalysts that influenced the Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) movement, but the term “Wall Street” is much broader than just bankers and financial professionals in NYC. Some presidential hopefuls have stated that blaming bankers is “misguided” but that is because they are too myopic in their perception of what the 99% defines as “Wall Street”. I can’t say I speak for the entire group, but I am involved, and can convey some consistent themes I hear from cities around the country.

1. “Wall Street” is perceived as any corporation, politician, or institution that has put their interests above the greater good for so long that it is threatening the American dream itself.
2. The voice of the people (the 99%) has been drowned out by the financial influence swirling between the Congress, the lobbyists on K-street, the electoral process itself, and the profits being garnered on Wall Street (the 1%). The system has been corrupted and it won’t be tolerated anymore.
3. Financial institutions used taxpayer money provided in the bailout to hire lobbyists to minimize regulatory oversight that might have prevented the crisis that has wrecked the middle class, yet the individuals paying those taxes still have no lobbyists, no voice, limited access, and virtually no measurable representation in Congress.
4. Costs associated with the electoral process have grown well beyond the contribution capability of median income of individuals. Transparency has been virtually eliminated, and everyone knows that corporate and special interests are behind SuperPAC spending. “Wall Street” is using these methods to hijack the democratic process, and the Occupy Wall Street movement is opposed to it.
5. Executive pay, the federal deficit, defense spending, Congressional perks, and inflation continue to grow diametrically opposed to what’s happening to the average American’s income. This is perceived as injustice, because it’s unjust.
6. At the household level the 99% are seeing no raises, no advancement, no jobs and what little discretionary income that may exist is being eroded by increasing costs in all areas like healthcare, energy, consumer goods, insurance, and local fees.
7. Congressional polarization that is not reflective of the majority of the citizenship has created uncertainty for small and large business that is hurting the economy, and job growth prospects for all individuals, except the 1%. There is nothing to indicate this trend will change unless the people stand up and take action.

Occupy Wall Street knows the bankers aren’t solely to blame; there are a lot more guilty parties involved, and all should be held accountable. The movement recognizes that corporations aren’t obligated to have a conscience, but that doesn’t mean the people have to accept it. The line between government and corporate influence has vanished at the expense of representation for the people of this great nation. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is the people’s collective voice saying “NO MORE!”

Future Post: “An Open Letter to the 89%”

About the Author: Guy Falks is the pen name of a former Fortune 500 executive, who is an entrepreneur, and author who has recently become a political activist. Follow him on Twitter by going to or friend and like him on Facebook by searching for “Guy Falks” of Jacksonville, FL. He is well aware of the correct spelling of the historical Guy Fawkes, but there are good reasons for being unconventional.


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New Post: "Defining "Wall Street" for Wall St. & Politicians" Empty Re: New Post: "Defining "Wall Street" for Wall St. & Politicians"

Post by KelliKing on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:22 pm

Can you define what the word "is" is? Surprised hehehe Great post!

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