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Post by Geno on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:33 pm

This note from Occupy Pensacola outlines some pretty important team building techniques.

I really like the idea of the Morale team but they are all great ideas. Maybe as we get more people involved we can fill up more of these positions.

Please forgive the following wall of text.
Below is a list of working teams with an explanation of each. This is by no means an exhaustive or definitive "Teams" list. It should be encouraged that if the people want to participate with or create a new team that the possibility be discussed. The explanations of the teams are intended as guidelines and shall not serve as an iron-clad rule structure - the teams should be capable of cooperating amongst themselves to maintain unity and support of the movement.
Once the teams are made they may be able to provide better explanations for themselves than the collection of words below.While there is no leadership structure it may be necessary for certain individuals be a "primary liaison". This would cut down on confusion as mixed messages are not sent (multiple meeting/event places and times, etc).
Also, each team has the freedom to ask any individual to leave the team (perhaps by a majority vote?) - and the PEOPLE have the same capability during General Assembly (GA) or via the Communication team. Again - not rules, just suggestions.
As a last note, NO PERSON should feel excluded from participating in anything just because teams exist! The PEOPLE may come and go as they please to the teams; but we aim to maintain support continuously.
Media Team – Document events with cameras, get stories (like the real media, only better!), and potentially assist the legal team and our unofficial legal observers. This team will also act as the primary area of distribution and coordination with 'conventional' media teams (WEAR, PNJ, etc). All images, videos, and written stories will be given to the Tech team for digital distribution and backup.
Tech Team – Website, Twitter, Youtube, FB, livestream, etc. Data and information continuity and digital dissemination. This team will also search for articles, videos, etc. of other Occupy movements (and related news) to post in support and solidarity.
Medical Team – First aid and anyone with medical training. This team will handle small injuries (within their means), ensure that PEOPLE are hydrated, etc.
Legal Team – Attorneys and legal observers that will aid in protecting the PEOPLES' legal rights (the attorneys) and gathering information via intake and outtake forms for anyone arrested.
Event Team – Event, march, and demonstration organization. This team will coordinate these events and ensure that the communication team is aware of all events for maximum support.
Comfort Team – The comfort team fills a logistical role; they ensure that any food and supply donations come in are utilized properly in support of the PEOPLE. This team will also make contacts to acquire such supplies and food. (these are very important as sit-ins are inevitable)
Support Team – This team consists of the facilitators, coordinators, and organizational functionaries; acting as a liaison with the City of Pensacola, officials, police, etc. Should any other team require it this team may also provide support to them (be it communication, overcoming obstacles, etc.). The facilitators will also work closely with the legal team.
Security Team – This team will not be actively engaging in "security" but is named as such because it will aim to "police" our own. It will attempt to diffuse situations through discussion or peaceful discourse. Failing that the team will help the PEOPLE stay away from potentially violent or aggressive individuals. Cooler heads will prevail...
Communications Team – The Comm team's primary role is ensuring that the voice of the PEOPLE is heard. To this end they will organize and run General Assemblies (GA). Perhaps having suggestions and grievances boxes setup to receive written communication from the PEOPLE to help during GA (prevent everyone from having to air their grievance or suggestion there); perhaps each person should write their paper when turning it and stand while it is being presented(?). It would be great if the Comm team could gather stories from the PEOPLE (and pics) to give to the Media team as well (a 'story' box as well?).
Marketing Team – (Promo Team / Art Team) This team will create signs, graphics, and other creative media to support the movement. Supplies may be acquired with the assistance of the Comfort Team (or however the team decides).
Morale Team – (Humor Team) The Morale team's goal will be to keep spirits high; arguably one of the most important teams! Furthermore, their goal is to work with the Event team to create fun, interesting, creative, or otherwise engaging projects. The Moral and Marketing teams may also possibly work together to create humorous and anecdotal posters, cartoons, etc.
Please put any comments / suggestions regarding Working Teams Below.Follow the link below to sign up for a Team or view its roster.
From Occupy Portland (on organization):


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Working Teams Empty Re: Working Teams

Post by ZachAddair on Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:09 pm

I picked a few that I thought we could use and how we could use them:

Comfort Working Group: For now they can just bring snacks or chairs (maybe just cushions?) for people to sit on during meetings who can't stand up the whole time or would be injured by trying to sit down and stand up on the hard ground. I know we had a very mixed meeting Saturday and I don't want anyone to be left out, just because they can't group a seat and can't stand or something.

Design Working Group: We need a team like this tied into Outreach who can work on images for our Facebook and for fliers, etc...

Direct Action Committee: A group that would help tackle specific issue here in the city we want address. Hopefully this group would also have a few lawyers or people familiar with local laws and process.

Education and Empowerment: This group could start small and grow bigger. For now it could just be someone who seeks out new members and teaches them how to use the forum and facebook and teaches them the GA process, etc...

Facilitation Committee: I know we had a few people who took charge Saturday and they did an awesome job, so maybe they could start a Facilitation Committee and start recruiting new people to help with more meetings as they grow. Maybe a few people for different days of the week for meetings? We also NEED people to take Minutes (Minutes are a detailed transcript of every meeting. This needs to be organized ASAP so I will take minutes for the next meeting and work on getting us a Tumblr to post them if we don't already have one)

Internet Working Group: Mods on the forum, people in charge of our Facebook, Google +, twitter, Blogs, Minutes website, etc... Of course there would be over lap in this group.

These are just some of the groups we could and should start form ASAP. remember, you can be in more than one group and no group will have an assigned leader. Of course individuals will naturally take the leader ship role and there could be fights. So please, let everyone have a say, let everyone's voice be heard, and always let everyone decide how to solve every dispute.

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Working Teams Empty Re: Working Teams

Post by Trizzle on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:30 am

which ones would you guys like to see here?


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Working Teams Empty Possible Teams Needed Now

Post by friendofcash on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:47 am

I don't want to appear a steam roller but I have given this some thought. It seems an important question. Just remember, for a while, you will probably need to serve on at least two teams. I want to research a few other comparable city's experiences so far. but I have got to go to bed!

The teams Zach proposed are a great start. I see the active teams established on this forum are:

1. Tech - I think Zach calls it Internet. Responsible for providing all technical support. We could include internet research and submissions funnel through this committee. Consulting with other teams, as needed. I can see a Social Network team, as well as, a Credibility Research team spinning off of the Tech or Media teams.

2. Medical

3. Comfort - I whole heartedly endorse chairs/cushions for those who need them. If my 76 year-old mama wants to represent, she can be comfortable and cared for. Maybe a roped-off sitting area ... The team needs to be able to provide water, as well as snacks.

4. Legal

5. Art – Zach’s Design and Pensacola’s Marketing teams seem very similar to this. We can call it Design or Marketing. Media usually works for Marketing, but I think definitely feel Media should be a separate team. (At first, I thought Art meant Culture). The Design team should be responsible for ensuring the organization’s image continuity. Conferring with Legal, as required. Available to serve the Media and the Education & Empowerment teams.

6. Media – Receive and verify/quantify and distribute any collateral used. Be responsible for press releases and any contact with the media. Authorize spokespeople for the media outlets, maybe? I want to research how other cities are providing scheduled interviews to the media. We may need to vote on this.

7. Education and Empowerment – Zach’s Facilitation and Pensacola’s Communications team could spin off of this team as needed.
Pensacola also has the next three:

8. Events – The outlined responsibilities may not be necessary in Jax due to our restrictions. They are pretty clear. Legal should be able to offer advice for any suggestions made. No need for this team at this time.

9. Security – I say this is a great idea but call it the Wisdom team, or something in that vein. These are the intuitive peace keepers that can keep their ear to the ground, settle disputes, etc. Pensacola’s Morale team could be a segment of this team.

10. Support – A team with reps from each team to meet once a month. This is the most important team of all!
Please feel free to contact me.

11. Last, but definitely not my least, there must be a Culture team to coordinate and showcase the rich talents of our community!

Good night. If somebody is going to be in the plaza at 1:00. Let me know!


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Working Teams Empty Re: Working Teams

Post by OccupyProChoiceJax on Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:10 pm

Therapy! I want a therapy team.

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Working Teams Empty Re: Working Teams

Post by friendofcash on Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:21 am

When Geno was speaking during GA, I think he said something about a finance team. I have donations. Please advise.


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Working Teams Empty Re: Working Teams

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