Completing The American Revolution

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Completing The American Revolution

Post by polyb1123 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:26 pm

More reading to engender the spirit that is needed plus educational!

Completing The American Revolution

Americans are conditioned to see our present form of government as a representative democracy. We're almost incapable of understanding that:
  • We live in a plutocracy
  • The United States Constitution was deliberately constructed so that the nation is ruled by the wealthy

The Two American Revolutions

We've been taught to believe that there was only one American Revolution, a struggle to throw off the tyrannies of Great Britain. And relative to that revolution, we're conditioned to believe that the heroes were revolutionary patriots such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Sam Adams, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Otis, the Sons of Liberty, and the Committees of Correspondence.

But in reality there were two American Revolutions:
  • The revolt against British oppression by Americans
  • The revolt against wealthy American merchants and financiers by working class people of America

The first American Revolution was completed with the end of the Revolutionary War in 1781. The second American Revolution is seldom if ever taught in our schools. Because it would make clear just what kind of a country this is: a plutocracy--the rule of the wealthy. And it's this second American Revolution which we must now complete. Only a few of its battles have been won and much work remains in our efforts to rid ourselves of the ideology and practice of plutocracy: predatory capitalism and political fascism.


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